Month: August 2017

Janaki Mandir Janakpur

Photo of Janaki Mandir in Janakpur

The Janaki Mandir is a Hindi temple, dedicated to goddess Sita, in the centre of Janakpur in South-East Nepal.

This photo of Janaki Mandir has been taken by Abhishek Dutta and we would like to thank Abhishek for giving us the permission to publish his photo of this beautiful building on


Car being worshipped during Maha Navami

Car being worshipped with navapatrika (nine plants- banana, dadim (Pomegranate), dhanko bala (rich stalk), haledo (turmeric plant), manabriksha, kachuki, belpatra (wood apple), ashok, and jayanti) on Maha Nawami, the ninth and one of the main days of Dashain festival.


maha navami dashain


The same applies to this motor cycle

Patan Durbar Square Dashain festival

Crowded Patan Durbar Square during festivities on the occassion of Dashain festival in Nepal

Of course this picture has been taken before the 2015 earthquakes which destroyed a lot a beautiful historic buildings.