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Bhaktapur is a city in the Kathmandu Valley roughly 15 kilometers east of the capital of Nepal.
The old town of Bhaktapur, also known as the City of Temples is situated between the Hanumante River and Kasan Rivers (Khola in Nepali). It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it has been preserved and restored very well.
In Bhaktapur you’ll find many impressive temples, lovely streets and several ponds (pokhari or pukhu).
Some of the important landmarks are:
– Durbar Square with the Golden Gate (the entrance to the main courtyard of the palace of fifty-five windows)
– The Nyatapola Temple, a five story pagoda style temple
– Bhairabnath Temple

Bisket Jatra is an ancient festival which takes place at New Year’s day of the Nepali calendar.

Woman with offerings in Bhaktapur

Woman with offerings in Bhaktapur heading for the huge pole and lingam during the Bisket Jatra festival.

Biska Jatra is an annual event in Bhaktapur, Thimi and Tokha and several other places in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the same day as new year’s day according to the Bikram Sambat calendar (around April 14).