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Women celebrating Teej festival at Pashupatinath

Women celebrating Teej festival at Pashupatinath in Kathmandu Valley

Women during Teej Festival

Bhai Tika photo, Tihar Festival, Nepal

Photo of a little girl giving the Bhai Tika to her brother during Tihar festival, both children being helped by family members.

Bhai Tika

Tihar festival is the second largest festival of Nepal. The Bhai Tika consists of seven colors all having different meanings and connotations, but the main purpose of giving the tika is to extend the longevity and prosperity of one’s brothers.
In 2018 Bhai Tika will be celebrated on November 9.

Note: photo by Leoniek Vaal

Woman with offerings in Bhaktapur

Woman with offerings in Bhaktapur heading for the huge pole and lingam during the Bisket Jatra festival.

Biska Jatra is an annual event in Bhaktapur, Thimi and Tokha and several other places in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the same day as new year’s day according to the Bikram Sambat calendar (around April 14).

Bisket Jatra festival, Bhaktapur

Picture of two chariots on Khalna Tole in Bhaktapur on the occasion of the Bisket Jatra festival on Nepali New Years day

Bisket Jatra festival, Bhaktapur

Holi festival

Youngsters celebrating Holi at a venue at Basantapur Square in Kathmandu

Holi Festival Kathmandu

Family visiting Boudhanath Stupa during Losar

Family dressed in traditional clothes on the stupa of Boudhanath during Losar festival

Traditional clothes Losar festival

Youngsters wearing traditional clothes during the celebrations of the Losar festival in Bouddha.

Tibetan women during Losar Festival

Traditionally dressed Tibetan women during the celebration of Losar Festival in Bouddha.

Tibetan Women, Lhosar, Festival

Bouddhanath stupa during Losar in Nepal

On this picture you see people re-whitening the Buddhist stupa in Bouddha on the occasion of Losar festival (Tibetan New Year) in February 2005

boudhanath stupa - Losar Festival

Hanuman during Shivaratri festival Pashupatinath

Man dressed up like the “Hindu Monkey God” Hanuman during the Shivaratri festival at Pashupatinath.