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Little goat at temple in Khokna

Little goat standing at a temple in the lovely village of Khokna in the Kathmandu Valley.

Street in Khokana


Terraces just outside Phutung

Photo of terraces just outside the village of Phutung,¬†just a few kilometers north of Kathmandu’s Ring Road.

Phutung, Kathmandu Valley

In the background one can see the hills of Shivpuri Nagarjun National Park.

Tailor in Gamghadi

A tailor in Gamghadi, the district capital of Mugu, in Srinagar VDC.

Nepali girl in shop in Gorkha district

Nepali girl with her brother in a small shop near Lapubesi in Gorkha district

Gorkha girl with brother

This girl was running the shop of her family, but wasn’t able to count very well. She gave us too much change. After we tried to make her clear she made a mistake she gave even more change. When we refunded her the excess, she laughed shyly with her beautiful smile.


Nepali house near Namo Buddha

Picture of a Nepali house near Namo Buddha along the walking trail from Namo Buddha to Balthali village.

Nepal House